PittRace: TWO days|ONE fee. Saturday+Sunday Sat-Sun, 9/12/2015 - 9/13/15

Registration Status

PittRace, 2.8 Mile Road Course
Sat-Sun, 9/12/2015 - 9/13/15
PittRace: TWO days|ONE fee. Saturday+Sunday
Event Manager: Mark Hicks Mark@ChinTrackDays.com

Registration Status: Accepting Registrations
  • Solo Drivers 22 openings remaining
  • Novice Drivers 1 openings remaining
    • Total Registration is limited to 60 participants

Essential Information

  • Track Event Registration: $499
  • Second Driver Fee (read details below): $150
  • Coaching fee, applicable for novice drivers: $50
  • Register on this page for 2-day participation.
    See separate registration page for 1-day option
  • limited enrollment, about 3 hours daily track time to each group.
  • Full description of the format

Guidance for Instructors

  • Instructors are now being accepted.
  • Current Chin instructors: complete the online registration, and click 'pay later' to skip the fees. THEN,
    please send a message to mark@ChinMotorsports.com, requesting instructor status.
  • For new instructors, registration is available only with prior approval.
    Please see our instructor criteria.
  • Track fees are always complimentary for instructors
  • Current membership in Chin Motorsports is required, as it is for all drivers.

Food and Drink

  • Concession stand open for lunch
  • Drivers are on your own for all other food and drink.
  • Recommended Hotels


    • Convertibles may be driven in OE configuration. No modification needed.
    • There is obvious additional risk to use a convertible, and an additional waiver is applicable.

    Co-Drivers/Car Sharing

    • Co-drivers are welcome, sharing a car in the same run group.
    • Please note: 2 drivers in 2 different run groups requires 2 primary registrations.
    • A 2nd driver can be added to any primary registration for an additional $95.
    • Like all drivers, a co-driver must have current membership in Chin Motorsports.


    • Like most track time car clubs, Chin Motorsports has an annual membership.
      A driver must have first have a member account and password to complete registration.
    • Current members may login and complete registration here: Chin Motorsports Login Page
    • If you are not yet a member, first complete our online enrollment here: Join Chin Motorsports

    Schedule/Tech Sheet/Track Map