MSR Cresson

MSR | Cresson: The Original Motorsports Ranch

The country club for motoring enthusiasts in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Established in 1996, MSR|C pioneered the concept of offering membership in a motorsports venue for a recurring fee. Just as a golf country club offers access to a golf course, this club features a couple of purpose-built road racing courses. A 1.7 mile lap and a 1.3 mile lap, which can be combined for a grand 3.1 mile lap. South of Fort Worth, MSR|C attracts enthusiasts from all over Texas.

MSR Cresson Track Map

MSR Cresson Track MapMSR Cresson Track Map

MSR Cresson Track Dates

Details Mar 16, 2018 Friday, 1-day. Inaugural visit to Cresson! 1.7mi lap: CCW. OPENING: Mon., Jan 15th, 10pm ET
Details Apr 30, 2018 Monday, 1-day. On the 3.1 mi long lap at Cresson. OPENING: Monday, Feb 19, 9PM
Coming Soon Jun 15, 2018 Friday, 1-day. On the 3.1 mi long lap at Cresson.
Coming Soon Sep 29-Oct 1, 2018 3-day, 3 track, triple-header! Saturday: 1.3mi. Sunday: 1.7mi. Monday: 3.1mi

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