Virginia International Raceway (VIR)

Scenic setting, big elevation changes, and the uphill esses

VIR: Virginia International Raceway. Take a poll of serious track enthusiasts, and their top 5 favorite racetracks may vary in order, but VIR is always included. A well-deserved reputation as one of the best road course venues in N. America. Scenic setting; on-site lodging, dining, and drinking; fantastic track conditions, big elevation changes, and the UPHILL ESSES are just a few of the reasons to love this 3.3 mile, 17-turn lap located between Danville and Alton, VA. On the Chin schedule 5 times a year!

Virginia International Raceway Track Map

Virginia International Raceway (VIR) Track Map

Virginia International Raceway Track Dates

Details Mar 3-4, 2018 Sat/Sun. 2 circuits, 1 event! Sat: NORTH Sun: FULL. OPENING: Tues, 1/2 10PM
Coming Soon Apr 23, 2018 Monday: Open Track | Skilled Drivers Only! Limited enrollment. VIR full course.
Coming Soon Jun 4-5, 2018 Mon/Tues. Best excuse to take days off: VIR track event. Full course.
Coming Soon Jun 30-Jul 1, 2018 Sat/Sun. Full course. A great double-header summer track trip: VIR, then: Watkins Glen
Coming Soon Oct 21-22, 2018 Sun/Mon. Full Course. Our Fall Flagship visit to VIR. ALWAYS sells-out!

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