Barber Motorsports Park

Is it a race track, a museum, or a monument? All of the above.

Barber : If racetracks were all in the same neighborhood, Barber would always get the "yard-of-the-month" award! The grounds and facilities are immaculate in this park-like setting. The 16-turn 2.3 mile course is finished to a very high level: fantastic surface conditions, and safe run-off areas. And, the lap is famously surrounded by an eclectic collection of outdoor art installations and sculpture! It's a technically challenging course that rewards car set-up and driver skill over horsepower, and several notable blind elevation changing corners. When visiting Barber, don't miss the fantastic Barber Vintage Museum: one of the world's most renowned collections of motorcycles.

Barber Track Map

Barber Motorsports Park Track Map

Barber Track Dates

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Photos Feb 18-19, 2023 Sat/Sun. BMP season opener, 1st of 7 2023 visits to BMP! OPENING: Mon, Dec 19th, 9PM ET
Photos Mar 18-19, 2023 Sat/Sun. BMP and RA simultaneously! Pick your fav. OPENING: Mon, Jan 16th, 9PM ET
Photos Apr 15-16, 2023 Sat/Sun. Make laps at one of the most beautiful tracks in USA. Mon, Feb 13th, 9PM ET
Photos May 8, 2023 Monday at BMP, following Road Atlanta! OPENING: Mon, Mar.6th 9PM ET
Photos Jul 8-9, 2023 Sat/Sun. Raise your temp at Barber! OPENING: Mon, May 22nd 9PM ET (revised 5/15)
Photos Sep 16-17, 2023 Saturday/Sunday. Chin is #1 for track events at Barber! OPENING: Mon, 7/17, 9PM ET
Details Oct 28-29, 2023 Saturday/Sunday Go faster this fall at Barber! OPENING: Mon, 8/28, 9PM ET
Including Chin Truck Days Off Road Experience!
Coming Soon Dec 9-10, 2023 NEW date at Barber! One more time to end the season. Posted 3/1 Mon,10/2 9PM ET

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