Our track event model is based on lower enrollment, fewer run groups, and more track time. Our trademark Chin format utilizes only 3 run groups. All drivers are classified according to experience. For newly enrolled members, be sure to provide a summary of your experience to us via email, before you register for an event. During the event day, groups rotate sessions on track every 30 minutes. And, every Chin Track Days track event features a popular "all drivers open track" session in the final hour of the day. Our typical daily event schedule provides for about 3.5 hours time on track.

The 3 scheduled sessions are:

  • GREEN: Entry-level drivers who will have an assigned instructor providing in-car coaching. Also, drivers that have only recently received a solo qualification are classified in the green group (solo - yellow). And, an experienced driver that may be visiting an unfamiliar track will drive in the green group until safely oriented to the new track. Passing rules in the green group require a point-by signal, and passing zones are restricted to straightaways only.
  • BLUE: Intermediate solo. Drivers that have substantial experience and have earned a valid solo qualification are classified in Blue. Drivers at this level have visited several different road courses, and have received numerous days of in-car coaching/on-track instruction. The driver has already satisfied solo qualification protocols with well-established programs like Chin. Passing requires a point-by signal, and passing zones are unrestricted.
  • RED: Advanced solo. Our top classification includes drivers with years of experience and thousands of laps (typically 50+ track days at a minimum) at numerous different tracks. The driver's road course skills and traffic management are now instinctive, and the driver has superior situational awareness. Drivers at this level are comfortable with side-by-side conditions, passing anywhere on track, driving off-line, and promptly yielding to faster traffic. Qualification for the RED group of Chin Track Days requires an on-track driver evaluation by one of our senior instructors. Passing requires a point-by signal, and passing zones are unrestricted.

In the typical Chin format, over 3 hours of scheduled track time is available each day of an event. Groups will rotate on 30 minute sessions. Please see the detailed schedule that is linked at the bottom of any event details page of our website. Street cars and fully prepared race cars alike are welcome.

Also, some Chin Track Days events feature optional gourmet catering options for lunch and/or dinner.

Please see the event details pages.