Pricing and Fees

  • Membership: Like most track time car clubs, Chin Track Days has an annual membership, required for all drivers. The $50 annual fee is for a 13 month membership term. (I.E., join on January 1st, and you will be due for renewal on January 31st, next year), and is based on your enrollment date, not the calendar year. The annual membership allows login access to registration for any of our 50+ track events in the coming season. Chin Track Days has more events, at more great tracks, than any other track event provider in the country. See the master schedule page for all dates. Members also get discounts in the Chin Track Days Discussion Forum
  • Registration: Daily track fees range from $250-$500 per day, for a solo-qualified driver. An additional coaching fee is applicable for novice drivers, which provides for one-on-one private coaching all day. Fees vary by venue location. Please click on 'tracks' above, to see event specific fees. Enrollment is limited at every event. Many popular event dates will sell-out well in advance.
  • In-car Instruction: An entry level/novice driver is required to have an instructor. A $75 daily instructor fee is applicable, which provides for an expert in-car instructor throughout the day. Our veteran instructors offer coaching on advanced driving skills, track etiquette, and safety. A driver that has already been solo-qualified may be exempt from the instructor requirement. Novice driver registration is limited in each event.
  • Car sharing:
    • Co-drivers are welcome, sharing a car in the same run group.
    • A 2nd driver can be added to any primary registration for +$125/1-day, or +$200/2-days.
    • Like all drivers, a co-driver must have current membership in Chin Track Days.
    • NOTE: 2 drivers sharing a car in 2 different run groups requires 2 primary registrations.
    • To register a 2nd driver, input the co-driver email address on the registration page.
  • Additional car: A primary driver may add a second car to the same registration for $95/day. This permits the driver to swap cars as desired. (Co-driver not permitted with 2nd car registration). A driver MAY NOT use an additional car unless it is registered in the event. To add a 2nd car to your entry, please send an email request.
  • Passengers: Solo-qualified drivers may take a passenger. Passengers can participate by registering at the track and purchasing a passenger wristband for $25. Passengers must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver's license. Passengers are permitted to ride only with solo-qualified drivers, and a helmet is required.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

To cancel, email cancellation notice to the event manager. The following is applicable to all registration EXCEPT events at COTA:

  • If you cancel 30+ days in advance, receive 100% track fee credit on your user account to be applied to future registration.
  • If you cancel 10 to 29 days in advance, a $100 cancellation fee is applicable. The balance of fees will be credited on your user account to be applied to future registration.
  • If you cancel within 9 days in advance, or NO-SHOW at the event, fees are forfeited. NO refund or credit.
  • For a refund in lieu of a credit as outlined above, an additional $30 handling fee is applicable.
       Refund must be requested at time of cancellation.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS due to mechanical failure. Prepare your car carefully.
Force Majeure Cancellation: DETAILS

For dates at COTA and DAYTONA, a separate specific cancellation policy is applicable.


  • For privacy and fraud prevention, Chin Track Days does not save credit card numbers. So, each transaction is new, and requires inputting your CC #. There are no recurring charges. Credit card processing is secure, using SSL encrypted communications with a payment gateway.
  • All charges must be validated by inputting the CCV security code from your card.