Homestead/Miami Speedway: 2-DAYS|ONE FEE: Saturday+Sunday Sat-Sun, 11/21/2020 - 11/22/20

Registration Status

Homestead-Miami, 2.21 Mile, 14 Turn Road Course
Sat-Sun, 11/21/2020 - 11/22/20
Homestead/Miami Speedway: 2-DAYS|ONE FEE: Saturday+Sunday
Event Manager: Will Conklin

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novice/green: SOLD OUT
solo/yellow: OPEN
intermediate solo/blue: OPEN
advanced solo/red: OPEN
Instructors: OPEN
  • Solo Drivers 6 openings remaining
  • Registration Status: Accepting Registrations
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Essential Information

  • Track Event Registration: $565
  • Second Driver Fee (read details below): $175
  • Coaching fee, applicable for novice drivers: $150
  • Private event: guests, family or crew of registered drivers must be on the gate guest list for access to the paddock. Those not on the list will not be allowed to enter the track. *Click here to add your guests to the list.
  • COVID-19 Screening: All drivers, guests and crew will be screened by HMS staff at the gate prior to being allowed entry into the facility. This screening will add time necessary to enter the gate, please prepare for this and do not arrive at the last minute. This is a mandatory gate policy from HMS.
  • RV paddock camping NOT AVAILABLE, You may move outside the tunnel to the approach road to camp.
  • Registration on this page is for 2-DAY participation, Saturday/Sunday, One Fee
  • See separate pages for Saturday only & Sunday only options.
  • Limited enrollment, approximately 3 hours daily track time to each group.
  • Chin Format: only 3 run groups (novice, intermediate, advanced),
  • Full description of the format

Guidance for Instructors

  • The instructor quota has been filled, and instructor registration is CLOSED.
  • please send a message to, to be added to the wait list.
  • For new instructors, registration is available only with prior approval.
    Please see our instructor criteria.
  • Track fees are always complimentary for instructors
  • Current membership in Chin Track Days is required, as it is for all drivers, however is complimentary for instructors.

Schedule/Tech Sheet/Track Map

Food and Drink

  • A food truck will be on-site, in the Paddock from 7am - 2pm for Breakfast & Lunch.
  • Be sure to bring PLENTY OF WATER!

Recommended Hotels


  • Convertibles are welcome in OE configuration
  • an additional waiver is applicable

Co-Drivers/Car Sharing

  • Please note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Novice co-drivers are not allowed for this event.
  • Co-drivers are welcome, sharing a car in the same Solo run groups.
  • Please note: 2 drivers in 2 different run groups requires 2 primary registrations.
  • A 2nd driver can be added to any Solo primary registration for an additional $140.
  • Like all drivers, a co-driver must have current membership in Chin Track Days.


  • Like most track time car clubs, Chin Track Days has an annual membership.
    A driver must have first have a member account and password to complete registration.
  • Current members may login and complete registration here: Chin Track Days Login Page
  • If you are not yet a member, first complete our online enrollment here: Join Chin Track Days