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The 2020 Schedule: 60+ events at 16 venues.
Featured Venue: COTA

America's Formula 1 Track, Circuit of the Americas, opened in 2012 - it is the most expensive road course ever constructed in North America. Featuring state-of-the-art amenities, infrastructure and safety features, the complicated and challenging lap covers 20 turns in 3.4 miles with over 110 feet of vertical.
Video: The Lap
Featured Venue: Road Atlanta

Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta has a well-deserved reputation as a daunting lap, with uniquely exciting features. Renowned by drivers worldwide, the dramatic elevation changes and blind corners offer high challenges to drivers. The 2.5 mile lap has 12 turns that never get old or easy!
Video: The Lap

 ÖHLINS Advanced Suspension presents
Chin Track Days at ROAD ATLANTA
Winter Tech Session And Shop Tour
Zotz Racing Shop: M aitland
Car set-up, driving tips, best practices for safety
Saturday, January 11, 9am - 12pm
New Paddock Toll

$20 Sebring gate toll for RVs, trailers, anything over 2 axles. Street-driven cars without trailers exempt. Learn More
Aggression and Driving Effort

One of the main prerequisites for going fast is the desire to do so. So how can we describe "aggression" or "driving effort" for different levels of drivers ?
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