National Corvette Museum (NCM)

It's part of the National Corvette Museum facilities, but the track appeals to ALL sports cars!

Opened in late 2014, the NCM Motorsports Park is one of the best tracks in the country to open recently. Chin Track Days staff were among the very first drivers to make hot laps at NCM when it opened. We were asked to test and evaluate it's safety infrastructure. With 23 numbered corners on 3.2 miles, it's a long lap, and technically difficult. We like challenging tracks! Rolling elevation changes, high-speed sweepers, complex combinations, challenging slow hairpins, fast straights all combine for a very rewarding lap. Excellent facilities, great safety infrastructure, rental garages, big paved paddock. Well located with easy access next to I-65 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Numerous choices for lodging and dining. Less than 6 hrs from Atlanta, or Indianapolis. Chin Track Days offers dates here in spring, summer, and fall.

National Corvette Museum (NCM) Track Map

National Corvette Museum (NCM) Track Map

National Corvette Museum (NCM) Track Dates

Photos Apr 27-28, 2024 Sat/Sun. Not been yet? The great venue in Bowling Green KY! OPENING: Monday, 2/26, 9pmET
Coming Soon Sep 28-29, 2024 Fantastic 3.3mi/23 turn lap at Bowling Green, KY OPENING: Monday,7/29, 9pmET

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