Texas World Speedway (TWS)

Texas World Speedway : Fast and fun, NOT fancy! A time capsule of 80's era motorsports.

Texas World Speedway was originally designed as an oval super-speedway for NASCAR, and it saw some exciting 200+mph side-by-side stock car duels back in the day! Opened in the 60's, it faded from the NASCAR calendar in the 80's. However, the road course lap at TWS came into it's own reputation as fast and fun with a whole range of sports car racing, including the IMSA Can-Am and GTP championships in the 80's. While professional racing hasn't been seen at TWS in years, it still attracts Texas sports car enthusiasts every weekend. Recently, TWS has been threatened with closure as a result of new development on the site. However, each year, somehow, TWS manages to get "just one more year!" of track activity. Is this the last year? The 15 turn lap is 2.9 miles long, and is FAST! Very few slow corners. The track has lots of character and shows age, but, it remains fast and fun! Just east of College Station, TX.

UPDATE: Well, it's over. On August 19th, 2017 Chin Track Days ran the final public event at TWS. The track closed on August 21st.

Texas World Speedway (TWS) Track Map

Texas World Speedway (TWS) Track Map

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